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Une grande fête

June 9, 2011

Hello friends!

As I am leaving soon, I wanted to bring all my San Diego friends and family together for one final night of Zoe lovin! Please join me at 7pm this Sunday (the 12th) at Hale Holistic for a celebration of yoga, tea and music. Carpool or bike if you can, as parking on the street can mean a few blocks of walking (though there’s beauty in that as well). The night will start with an all-levels yoga practice, and will morph into a community gathering of tea and togetherness. Please BYO acoustic instrument if possible for the jam session. I can’t wait to see you all there.



Departing /Or/ A sturdy tree, dancing in the wind

June 2, 2011

After teaching a yoga class several months ago (right before I embarked on my nine weeks of solo traveling through France and Spain) a beloved student of mine approached me with a huge hug. He was feeling inspired by my declaration of departure, and commented on the inner strength that I must have possessed in order to make such daring plans. The words that I spoke to him came from a source of strength that even I had not known.

I looked him dead in the eyes and declared: “True, all that lays before me is uncertain. And yes, I could definitely feel scared about that. But I made the decision to leave because I actively listen to my intuition and I refuse to make decisions based on fear.”

I surprised myself that day, as I had drawn from a source of wisdom that went far beyond my mind energy and even deeper than my heart space.  And it is with that same divine inspiration that I look forward into the next bend in my path.

I have so much gratitude and warmth in my heart for the communities that have nourished and sustained me here in San Diego. It is with deep respect for them that I have made my decision to depart for Portland, OR on June 15th. My intention upon arrival is to create abundance for myself using my skills of yoga, farming, photography, music and barista-ing! 

Here I would like to take a moment to thank my greatest inspirations

To Pilgrimage of the Heart: You took a chance on this little yogini, and opened up a world of possibilities for me. Because of you, I have been able to meet a tremendous group of conscious teachers and practitioners, some of whom I know will be in my life forever. Thank you.

To Bird Rock Yoga: You put the pizzaz back in my yoga, just as I was starting to crave a little spice in my life! I owe much of my vinyasa practice to your welcoming community, and I have always felt deep appreciation from your yogis and yoginis for what I brought to share with my classes. Heather, the owner of BRY, has supported me in my travels and in my SD residency, even allowing me to create brand new classes to add to the studio’s offerings. I am so grateful. Thank you.

To Influx: You are so cool. And so delicious. The memories that I have from my four years of coffee-slinging are some of my favorite SD memories. Throughout the years, I have blurred the lines of  hip-pie and hip-ster, what with my flowery headbands and high-waisted black skirts. Whatever the label, I have worn my Influx Barista personae with pride, and I am blessed that kept me on the schedule, even though my availability has wavered considerably in my time with you. Thank you. I will miss the hell out of you. Yes, even in Portland.

To Hale Holistic: I have never resonated more deeply with a yoga space or a yoga crew than I have at HH. What you, as a studio, offer to the community goes beyond a good yoga class and into an offering of deeper consciousness and wellness training. You ask so little (free first week, free green smoothie, $10 drop in) for your tremendous offerings, and you do it with pure anahata intention. It’s not over between us. Our intentions here are too parallel to let something like distance truly separate us. I am blessed. Thank you.

To Hiking Yoga: Somehow I tricked you into paying me for walking around in nature and doing yoga. For a little wilderness lady like myself, its truly a dream come true. And even though our time in San Diego together has been short, I am so blessed to be invited to be on your Portland team. To already have one reliable source of income upon arrival has reassured me in my own abundance. Thank you.

To all my family, all my friends, and all those who blur the line of family and friend: Whether you know me as Kelly or as Zoe, I hope that you know how much you have given to me. I have learned so much from you and I carry pieces of inspiration that you have shared with me on my journey. Please keep in touch!! I value you too much to lose you to distance. Email me anytime at or call/text me at 707-849-9974. You will never truly know the impact that you have had, but I hope that through knowing me, that you have received in equal parts to what you have given. I love you. Thank you.

The past three months have brought tremendous growth to this little yogini, and the reverberations of worldly travels will likely be felt for years to come. Hale Holistic and I are planning a going-away party slash music night at the studio, let me know your interest and I will update you as plans reach finalization. My departure date, again, is Wednesday June 15th. I hope to see you and hug you before then.

The Tallest Man, once again expressing for me all those emotions that are best put in song:


[First and third photo taken by me, second photo taken by Kirk Hensler. Props.]

San Diego Teaching Schedule

May 8, 2011

Want to come and practice with me? Here’s where I can be found:

Sunday- 11am Deep Flow at Bird Rock Yoga

Monday- 530pm All Levels Vinyasa at Hale Holistic

Tuesday- none

Wednesday- 530pm All Levels Vinyasa at Hale Holistic

Thursday- 815pm Restorative at Bird Rock Yoga

Friday- (only on May 20 & 27) 615pm Hot Vinyasa at Pilgrimage of the Heart

Saturday- 9am Hiking Yoga at Mission Trails

Bird Rock Yoga

Hale Holistic
Pilgrimage of the Heart
Hiking Yoga

Sending mama earth and all mamas light and love today,

Yoga- in only six words

March 13, 2011

I am all for simplicity.

When we simply breathe,
we breathe deeply

When we simply move,
we move naturally

When we simply chant,
we chant fully

When we simply smile,
we radiate joy

And when we are simple in our speech,
we convey our truth.


The New York Times online asked readers to sum up their experiences with love and loss in six words.

Six words is simple.
Carefully chosen.

For example:
Loved her madly — then went mad.

our love has its own timing

An ending, and a new beginning

She fed me. Me wed she.

Steadiness and sweetness like his: underrated.

My simple love would go something like this:
Every day he asked, ‘soy latte’?

A tofu-lovin man? Yes please!

Our union starts at self-love

Reverse chattarunga? You know it, babe!

(Sidebar confession: I really like to match clothes. See above)

What about yoga? Let’s see what happens when we keep it simple.
You had me at Om Shanti

So this is how to breathe!

I asana so I can savasana

Never a bad time for yoga

Hatha brings me clarity and peace

And vinyasa gives me graceful strength

Stop talking. Stop thinking. Let’s practice.

(Be warned: this is what your toes look like when you deprive them of sun)

Okay, your turn! In six simple words, your thoughts on love and/or yoga!

And a HUGE thanks to Kate for the simple inspiration!


Are you really digging it?

February 22, 2011

Oh books. Aren’t they lovely? No matter my mood, location, or preference, there is always a book to suit my desire.

And as a solo traveler with a book in hand, I am quickly and easily transported to a world outside of my own, which usually returns me to my reality with a renewed sense of wonder and joy for my surroundings.

While I may have read it once in high school, I daresay much has changed for me since then (!) so when the owner of The Abbey Bookshop in Paris* suggested that I give a second read to Kerouac’s  On the Road, I agreed–but this time I had my hands on the just-released original scroll–the unedited version of fame that lacks paragraph breaks and reads long and fast. And oh, what a ride it is.

I highly reccommend a read-through of this new version regardless of your familiarity with the book that was first released, as that edition came under heavy editing at the hands of the publishers. And without giving anything away, I have found inspiration for my journey in one Neal Cassady, Kerouac’s road buddy and the star of the book.

Which brings me to my point–are you really digging it?

Neal C. is a whirlwind of desire, direction and intention. But he is constant in that he is always, absolutely, entirely excited about his now. He is always digging it.

How about you? Are you immersing yourself fully into your now? Are you enjoying the sensations, the lightness and the darkness, the laughter and the tears,  that you are experiencing in your now with the fullness of your being?

And if not, then what’s the point?

Putting this philosphy to work: Yesterday my tasks on Le Baumas–the farm that I am wwoofing at–consisted of stacking wood on palettes and containing a controlled burn of a very large pine tree. And man did I dig it!

The finished stack (~2 hours of work) was an intricate large-scale puzzle, and yet striking in its complete simplicity:

The controlled burn (~3 hours of work) was put entirely in my hands, and was equal parts thrilling and calming:

So if your daily tasks ever get you down, and you feel like a zombie growling through your day, then step back and take a deep breath. Then, if you find that you’re really just not digging it, either change your perspective or change your reality. Because take it from Neal C. and me–life is so much better if you’re digging it!!

I would love to know what you really dug about your day today. Maybe also what books have been inspiring to you and why, or perhaps your opinion of On the Road.  Leave a little love in the comments!


*A visit to The Abbey Bookshop was highly encouraged by a very cool and happenin’ chick I know (thanks Chelsea!) and if you ever find yourself in Paris (which I really hope you do), then please go in and enjoy a warm  and free cup of coffee as you browse the stacks–above ground and below it.

February 6, 2011

As I laid in the grass of Bois de Vincennes today, after a short yoga practice and a long walk, I looked up at this:

I observed the swelling of vastness within me and became overwhelmed with gratitude for the challenges that had brought me to this point. I embraced, in its fullness, ishvara pranidhana, flooded with the grace of simply being.

shanti, shanti, shantihi,


February 3, 2011

To abandon all the comforts and dive
with a great splash
into the vast sea of the unknown-
turbulent, undulating, fierce-
but retain the fullness of joy
that always shone bright
is to learn

through which the spirit burns
exhaulted, free-
watching flowers unfolding
on open ground