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Oming in Yoga

August 19, 2009

In your yoga practice, you may have said it, chanted it, sang it, and breathed it, but like many yogis, you may be wondering–what’s with all the om?

First, let me assure you that by uttering om you are in no way praying to or honoring a supreme being. You do not have to worry that in ‘getting your om on’, you are forsaking whatever spiritual beliefs you may hold. Rather, chanting om is a way of connecting your own consciousness with the consciousness outside of yourself. This one word has been called the ‘primordial seed’ of yoga, which means that the entire universe vibrates on this sound frequency.

In traditional Sanskrit, om is spelled a-u-m. When chanted, the sound of A resides in the belly, U travels into the throat, and M can be felt at the top of the head. Here is a basic, hand-drawn explanation of the symbol om in the language of Devanagari, a common script used to write Sanskrit.


I’m quite the artist! 😉

As you can see, om forges the unity between waking and dreaming, and between outer and inner consciousness. Chanting it in our yoga classes invites the vibrations of the universe to come into our physical bodies and help us on our path to our higher selves. So next time that your teacher encourages you to om, go deep within and let out your own beautiful vibrations!

Sending you light!

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