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Yoga as union

February 9, 2010
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In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ translates roughly to ‘union’. When moving through asana in a yoga class, that union generally refers to the peaceful state of a calm mind integrated into a calm body. But there are many more ways in which one can experience union. In the most literal sense, you are practicing your yoga in any experience in which you feel connected with an entity outside of yourself. I have recently found myself at one with Mother Earth, and this union deepens every time that I get my hands dirty in my garden. I feel so grateful for each harvested veggie, and I know that my nourishment–in many ways my medicine–is pesticide free and grown in love.

In what ways have you experienced union in your life? As exploring this, remember that a large part of a yogis’ stretching occurs off of the mat.

Peace to you!

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