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Yoga- in only six words

March 13, 2011

I am all for simplicity.

When we simply breathe,
we breathe deeply

When we simply move,
we move naturally

When we simply chant,
we chant fully

When we simply smile,
we radiate joy

And when we are simple in our speech,
we convey our truth.


The New York Times online asked readers to sum up their experiences with love and loss in six words.

Six words is simple.
Carefully chosen.

For example:
Loved her madly — then went mad.

our love has its own timing

An ending, and a new beginning

She fed me. Me wed she.

Steadiness and sweetness like his: underrated.

My simple love would go something like this:
Every day he asked, ‘soy latte’?

A tofu-lovin man? Yes please!

Our union starts at self-love

Reverse chattarunga? You know it, babe!

(Sidebar confession: I really like to match clothes. See above)

What about yoga? Let’s see what happens when we keep it simple.
You had me at Om Shanti

So this is how to breathe!

I asana so I can savasana

Never a bad time for yoga

Hatha brings me clarity and peace

And vinyasa gives me graceful strength

Stop talking. Stop thinking. Let’s practice.

(Be warned: this is what your toes look like when you deprive them of sun)

Okay, your turn! In six simple words, your thoughts on love and/or yoga!

And a HUGE thanks to Kate for the simple inspiration!


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