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December 15, 2010

I went a little crazy with my vinyasa playlist last night. And it felt good.

Friend of Time- Brightblack Morning Light
Your Hand in Mine- Explosions in the Sky
Gayatri Mantra (RajRishi Mix)- Deva Premal
Such Great Heights- The Postal Service
Omid (Hope)- Thievery Corporation
things will never be the same again- jj
Forget You- Cee Lo Green
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi- Radiohead

Heart Skipped a Beat- The XX
Alone- Ansar (feat. Aisha and the Dum Dum Project)
Hysteric- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Maha Deva- Wah!
For Emma- Bon Iver (The Myspace Transmissions)

I Found a Reason- Cat Power
We Share Our Blanket with the Owl- Brightblack Morning Light
Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow- Hammock

Have fun packing, Britta!



Parlez vous Francais?

December 8, 2010

No. I don’t. But that’s not going to stop me from trying….

After years of dreaming and months of saving, I am so grateful to be embarking on a trip to indulge all my traveling desires–I’m going to France! The planning began a few months ago when I joined an organization that places interested workers with organic farmers interested in sharing their knowledge and skills (click here for more info). There were so many amazing farms to choose from! Eventually I decided to stay at Château Anand, in the town of Saint Pierre de Maille.

“Welcome to our beautiful pink castle “Chateau Anand” on 37 acres of hilly oak and pine forests. Enjoy our river, walking paths in the woods, sauna, beautiful surroundings of amazing french villages with their special atmosphere and cosy traditions… share yoga, meditation, bonfire, swimming, musik, healthy yummy vegetarian food, good mood and much more! Learn how to create beautiful landscape, do some planting or take care of plants, how to conduct small building projects with our professional staff, help with cooking, painting and much more… We are looking for people willing and happy to learn, willing and happy to work, willing and happy to share. Positive attitude essential! See you soon ! We speak french, english and german.”

How could I say no? …….Afterall, no is one of the only words I CAN say in French! 🙂 If you have any contacts, advice or virtual hugs, feel free to share them in the comments.

Au Revoir,


October 29, 2010

We will be finishing our chakra series tomorrow with a special class on Sahasrara, the crown chakra. This is the energy of oneness, clarity and universal love. Please come join us at 4pm at 4412 Pescadero Ave. We will not be practicing at Balboa Park, as originally planned, due to Halloween festivities!

All are welcome, can’t wait to see you.


Rainy Day Update!!

October 23, 2010

Hello lovelies! So it’s raining today….but we still want to practice, right? We’re moving our practice from the wet grass of Balboa Park to the warm confines of my house! I have a yoga studio overlooking my garden in Ocean Beach, and I will be serving hot tea to start our practice. Join us at 4pm, at my house (address deleted) to explore Vishuddha and Ajna tonight!


Outdoor Yoga Update

October 14, 2010

Please note that starting this Saturday the 16th, I will be holding my outdoor classes at 4pm rather than 5pm. I love feeling the sunlight on my body, and I think that direct sunlight is an essential part of the outdoor yoga experience. Please join us this Saturday as we explore Manipura (solar plexus) and Anahata (heart), two of your bodies vibrant energy fields. Meet us at 4pm at the corner of Juniper and Balboa!


By request….

October 4, 2010

I know that I have been posting a lot about my yoga playlists, so I promise that this will be the last one for at least a week. But here is my Saturday vinyasa playlist, by request:

Black Sands- Bonobo
The Three of Us- Ben Harper
Transform- DJ Rehmi
We Will Become Silhouettes- The Postal Service
Between the Lines (Instrumental)- Bonobo
Postcards from Italy- Beirut

Amazing, live, one-take video!!!

The Orbiting Suns- Jens Glad
I Might Be Wrong- Radiohead
Stay in the Shade- Jose Gonzales
The Wild Hunt- The Tallest Man on Earth

Before I Knew- Basia Bulat
For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti- Sufjan Stevens
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzales
Sea of Love- Cat Power
Tout Le Monde- Carla Bruni

Shivasana- Akasha


Tonight’s Practice!

October 1, 2010

I have a few surprises for our practice together tonight at Pilgrimage of the Heart. Join me at 615 for a journey through heat and nourishment. Here’s the tentative playlist:

Black Sands- Bonobo
The Three of Us- Ben Harper
All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands- Sufjan Stevens
Teardrop- Jose Gonzales

Nantes- Beirut
Daylight Outro (Remix)- Matt & Kim
Where I End and You Begin (The Sky is Falling In)- Radiohead
Howlin’ for You- The Black Keys
We Will Become Silhouettes- The Postal Service

Stay in the Shade- Jose Gonzales
The Wild Hunt- The Tallest Man on Earth
Flume- Bon Iver

Absolutely worth your time!!

For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti- Sufjan Stevens
Tout Le Monde- Carla Bruni